The Importance of Dust Management

Controlling airborne dust particles in Australia can be completed through many applications but wet dust suppression systems such as dust or fog cannons are ideal for most industrial, mining, construction or manufacturing requirements.

  • Dust can be categorised as: nuisance dust originating from mining processes, fugitive dust relating to materials transport and soils, DRI dust which is very reactive with moisture and PM10 or PM2.5 dust which is an air pollutant less than or equal to 10 microns or 2.5 microns in size and can enter the lungs or reduce visibility.
  • Meeting Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) dust management guidelines are a critical part of dust suppression and often ensures environmental compliance for the work site and associated processes.

Sources of Airborne Dust Particles

  • Wind-borne from cleared land, construction sites, stockpiles such as sawdust, coal, fertiliser, sand and minerals
  • Vehicles and equipment on paved and un-paved roads
  • Processing at mines, quarries, agriculture and forestry sites
  • Demolition activities at residential or commercial developments
  • Municipal landfills and waste handling sites
  • Industrial operations including grain storage, timber mills, stone masonry and cement processing

Health Impacts of Dust

A prominent health authority has indicated from scientific studies that humans linked to particle pollution exposure may experience acute respiratory issues, an irregular heartbeat, bacterial infections, fibrosis and in some cases, cancer.

Silica Dust is the most common and is found in bricks, tiles, concrete and some plastics. When materials containing these products are worked on, silica is generated as a fine dust and is then known as crystalline silica or silica dust.

Key Benefits of the PR Water PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter

  • Dust reductions & water savingsDust-Suppression-Solution_Listing
  • Improved visibility
  • Safer roads
  • Cost effective & efficient
  • Site productivity is increased
  • Compact design, easily transportable
  • Easy to rent for long or short term
  • Multiple units available
  • Available for sale
  • Fast delivery Australia wide



  • PR Water’s project approach includes an efficient but comprehensive consultation and testing process that ensures a proposal is designed specifically for your project’s needs, environmental requirements and budget.

  • Our range of equipment is available for long or short term rental and is also available for sale. The PR Water range of water & environmental equipment is strong, cost effective, mobile and is designed to be flexible to your project’s needs.
Project Success

  • Project Management
  • Treatment System Design
  • On Site Training & Process Support
  • On Site Operation

  • Onsite Maintenance
  • Sampling and Monitoring
  • Online Monitoring
  • Dosing Optimisation
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