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Mine Dewatering
By overcoming mine dewatering challenges with our solutions, equipment and experience, PR Water will guide you to achieve environmental compliance for your water management criteria in order to extract then dispose of mine wastewater safely and cost effectively.

Reliable Equipment

Mobile and permanent Water & Environmental solutions are available for a range of mine site challenges. Our PR Water equipment can be easily transported, quickly installed and positioned in isolated regions where established water infrastructure is not readily available. Stock is available for sale and is always ready for fast dispatch Australia wide be it for short or long term rental.Mining-Industry_PR-Water_Image

    • Mine Dewatering Methods – our Water Clarifiers are the perfect cost saving alternative to tailings dams and turkey’s nests. We offer pH correction, dissolved metals removal and sludge management to name just a few.
    • Dust Management – we offer solutions for airborne pollutants and dust migration; plus, the suppression of surface, coal and open-cast mine dust. The PR Water Dust Fighter Systems throw a water spray that efficiently covers a large area, to ensure dust particles are maintained at safe levels.
    • Truck Wash – the PR Water mobile and permanent Truck Wash Systems are available for sale or rent. The systems remove dirt and contaminants from heavy to light vehicles. Water is cleverly recycled via an integral water re-capture system

Innovative water solutions

    • Climate – we find new ways within your project scope to work with the extreme Australian climate during times of drought, storms, cyclone, bushfire and flooding.
    • Mining Water Reuse – to save you money the team at PR Water focus on ways to treat, reuse and repurpose wastewater. For example, during exploration drilling water can be reused for the landowner or as part of the mining process plus it also offers a fantastic way to support the environment whilst reducing costs.
    • Water Evaporation System – assisted water evaporation benefits include: minimising water storage, enabling compliance with EPA legislation and it is much more effective than solar evaporation.

Best Practice

    • The team at PR Water Australia are committed to using water wisely and demonstrate industry best practice by adhering to Government regulations.

Mine water management services

Project Success

  • Project Management
  • Treatment System Design
  • On Site Training & Process Support
  • On Site Operation

  • Onsite Maintenance
  • Sampling and Monitoring
  • Online Monitoring
  • Dosing Optimisation
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