Dam Repair Water Treatment Solution

A water treatment project was carried out by a civil engineering company on behalf of the Water Corporation, WA. The company based in Perth supply services to the construction industry, as well as the mining industry.

Their goal by involving PR Water’s water treatment solutions was to treat high pH concrete cutting wash water and dredge silt from behind the spillway of the reservoir at Big Brook Dam in Pemberton.

The result was clean, clear pH neutral water to be discharged to the watercourse and the waste sludge to be collected in the HB60 hoppers for disposal later.

The HB60 Silt Separator

The PR Water HB60 Clarifier utilises Lamella plate technology to maintain ideal settlement conditions within each unit, thereby, ensuring maximum particle settlement and minimum unit footprint. Hopper-bottomed skid mounted settlement unit with an effective settlement area of 40sqm. The HB60 is perfect for sites with limited access, restricted spaces and temporary projects.

Dust Suppression, Demolition Project

A consulting group were contracted by a land development agency to demolish a high school in Western Australia.

PR Water were asked to supply their Dust Fighter system to prevent the spread of dust into the residential area.

PR Water supplied their PR-DF Plus Dust Fighter unit which was able to cover an area of 6,500m2 of the site to control the dust and the site was able to remain compliant with the air pollution limits and demonstrated to their client best practice with regards to dust suppression.

Truck Wheel Wash Demonstration

If you're after clean trucks at your work site... you need our PR200 Mobile Truck Wheel Wash. It recycles the water used and removes dirt fast! Then, all contaminents are contained and ready for safe disposal. This is a demonstration we created using our own PR Water Toyota Hilux.


  • Up to 200 trucks per day.
  • High water pressure.
  • Easy set up & maintenance.
  • No chemicals are required.
  • Meets the Australian Environment Agency's road standards.

RCW - Roadside Concrete Wash Water

The PR Water RCW unit in operation on a construction site in Queensland Australia.

The RCW has been specifically designed to capture and treat waste water generated as a result of the process of washing concrete delivery trucks.

Traditionally many companies simply hose the contents of the concrete trucks and discharge the contaminated water containing high Alkaline (high pH), causing detrimental damage to the environment.