A consulting group were contracted by a land development agency to demolish a high school in Western Australia.

The consulting group were required to re-purpose all of the materials on site to be re-used, which meant that after the demolition they had to individually gather the materials and sort them into their respective piles.

The site was close to residential housing and the consulting group needed a solution to reduce the volume of air pollution.


PR Water were asked to supply their Dust Fighter system to prevent the spread of dust into the residential area.

The site was monitored by air pollution equipment and the Dust Fighter had to help the site remain compliant with the measured limit.

The Dust Fighter was also required to suppress the dust during the operation of the crushing plant.


PR Water supplied their PR-DF Plus Dust Fighter unit which was able to cover an area of 6,500m2 of the site to control the dust.

The unit was able to make use of the bore water supply that previously fed the reticulation for the playing field due to the fact that it had an inbuilt filtration system.

  • The site was able to remain compliant with the air pollution limits and demonstrated to their client best practice with regards to dust suppression.

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