An unregulated waste dump site in Victoria had been taken over by the authorities for immediate action due to environmental & high fire risk for surrounding residential and commercial areas.

There was approximately 320,000 m3 of waste; including contaminants such as asbestos, lead, plastic, plaster, metal, timber with lead & oil-based paints plus other unknown contaminants beneath. Other waste material included building rubble, glass, plastics, ceramics, and many other building materials from demolition sites.


PR Water were commissioned to supply multiple PR-DF Plus Dust Fighter’s to suppress the dust during management of the waste site.

The PR-DF Plus Dust Fighter’s were required to be in position and working prior to the clean up team being able to access and commence dismantling the site.


The task of the PR Water Dust Suppression System was to lightly cover all heavy excavators, workers, shorting machines, timber grinders from 50m protection & exclusion zones. This ensured:

  • Dust suppression to all onsite and all surrounding business.
  • Compliant quarantine zones for hygienists working within site.
  • Adequate suppression of flammable dust and fire protection.
  • Risk reduction from excessive wastewater runoff.
  • A safe corridor for transporters.

PR Water’s experts were also able to deploy all diesel power generation, safety connections and site establishment including a specialist team of tradesmen with high knowledge & experience that ensured high efficiencies.

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