How Do Our Chemical Dosing Systems Work?

Our Chemical Dosing Systems are fully bunded and designed to accurately adjust pH levels and reduce the turbidity of polluted water. The Dosing System includes a controller which monitors the flow rate, pH, and turbidity levels of the water, releasing a chemical injection to maintain safe water output. The unit can be accessed remotely, and water can be monitored off-site, giving our team the ability to assist with your project. Chemical Dosing Pumps are also included within the unit as well as a flow meter, spill kit, and eye wash station. Our dosing systems can be used during commissioning to sterilise new potable water pipework using

The Chemical Dosing Systems are fully engineered, assembled and factory tested before despatch to the site. For the highest standard of water treatment, we recommend the Chemical Dosing Systems be paired with our Lamella Clarifiers.

PR Water provides an all-in-one solution for on-site wastewater treatment, including the installation, operation, water analysis, pre-treatment, hoses, tanks, dosing pumps, and chemical supply.

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