Hydro-Demolition Treatment Unit

Hydro-Demolition Treatment Unit

The Hydro-Demolition Treatment Unit (HD Unit) specialises in the treatment of water with a high pH level from concrete removal and operations which use high pressure water jetting to pulverize the concrete. The HD Treatment Unit is ideal for wastewater treatment specifically treating the concrete fines-laden wastewater which generates high pH levels.

The HD Treatment Unit has been designed to be a compact, heavy duty and low maintenance unit. Its small footprint allows for flexibility for sites with limited space and is ideal for ground level treatment operations. The HD Treatment Unit is easily transportable and an effective means of treating high pH levels, sediment laden blast water from concrete removal and repair applications.

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How it works:

  • The HD Treatment Unit utilizes multiple wastewater treatment methods which include gravity separation via lamella plates for sediment removal and an automated carbon dioxide dosing system is used to regulate the high pH levels.
  • The unit is capable of continuous operation and can be powered by an internal battery which is charged periodically with a 240V supply.

Product Features:

  • Lamella Plate Separation
  • pH Correction method – CO2 Vapor
  • Operating range of 1-5m3/hr
  • Dimensions – 2.8m Long x 1.3m Wide x 1.8m High, Dry weight 750kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Safe Disposal of concrete wash water/wastewater.
  • Meet Australian Environmental Regulations
  • No harm to the environment