The importance of Dewatering

By controlling groundwater; dewatering allows for excavations, tunnels, shafts and other constructions to be built below the groundwater level. For industries such as mining and construction, dewatering ensures that the project site remains workable with strong, dry and safe conditions.

  • Small volumes of water can be pumped out by simply creating a sump but, when there’s more critical items such as excess sludge and constant leakage or repetitive seepage involved, these challenges require a more innovative solution.

Benefits for your project

  • Increased geotechnical safety and stability.
    • This means steeper side slopes can be created and dewatering also ensures that upward groundwater pressures and related seepage are prevented prior to excavation.Dewatering Treatment Systems at PR Water Australia
  • Conditions for excavation and construction are more efficient.
    • Project equipment and machinery is less likely to be involved in bogging or rutting which results in a more efficient project overall.
  • Reduced risk of negative environmental outcomes.
    • By having a properly engineered dewatering management system in place it means that your project site will produce more clean water and the result is lowered levels of water pollution from suspended solids and heavy metals.

Methods of Dewatering

There are 4 main methods of dewatering: 1) Wellpoint dewatering, 2) Open sump pumping, 3) Eductor wells and 4) the Deep wellpoint method.

  • Finding the right method of dewatering for your project that is cost-effective and efficient will be paramount to the ongoing success of your project.
  • At PR Water our cost-effective, innovative dewatering solutions work by using lamella plate technology to remove suspended solids from the water and safely discharge to storm drainage or be reused. Our chemical dosing system, when coupled to a PR Water’s Lamella Clarifier can automatically dose chemicals for pH correction and will also aerate the water to oxidise dissolved metals.


  • PR Water Australia offers a team of water management specialists for contracting and construction services to design, install, commission, operate and maintain our range of water treatment & environmental solutions equipment.

  • PR Water’s project approach includes an efficient but comprehensive consultation and testing process that ensures a proposal is designed specifically for your project’s needs, environmental requirements and budget.

  • Our range of equipment is available for long or short term rental and is also available for sale. The PR Water range of water & environmental equipment is strong, cost effective, mobile and is designed to be flexible to your project’s needs.
Project Success

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  • Treatment System Design
  • On Site Training & Process Support
  • On Site Operation

  • Onsite Maintenance
  • Sampling and Monitoring
  • Online Monitoring
  • Dosing Optimisation
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