Dewatering Solutions

Dewatering Treatment Systems at PR Water AustraliaAt PR Water, we offer the following dewatering methods within our water treatment solutions:

  1. Sump Pumping: Open sump pumping is a common dewatering method which involves removing water from sumps, basements, settlement ponds and low-lying areas. Sump pumps are used to prevent flooding and maintain dry conditions. PR Water can supply diesel and electric sump pumps as a part of our water treatment packages.
  2. Surface Dewatering: Surface dewatering focuses on removing the water that collects on the surface caused by rainfall, high water tables and water ingress. PR Water can supply diesel and electric pumps as a part of our water treatment packages.
  3. Sludge Pumping: Sludge pumping uses robust and powerful sludge pumps designed specifically for handling thick, viscous and abrasive materials such as sludge, sediment, or solids-laden liquids. These pumps are equipped with features that allow them to effectively transport and discharge sludge in various industrial, municipal and waste water applications. Sludge pumps are reliable for moving and disposing of challenging sludge materials. PR Water can provide peristaltic, positive displacement and diaphragm sludge pumps as a part of our water treatment packages.

Other Dewatering Solutions

Other methods of dewatering include wellpoint dewatering, eductor wells and the deep wellpoint method. Working with our industry partners, PR Water can assist with the dewatering process and treatment of the water prior to re-use or discharge. Contact our team to discuss further.

Dewatering Treatment

PR Water specialise in the hire of dewatering treatment systems.

Silt-laden surface water is pumped directly into our water treatment plants, removing sediment and treating the water for safe discharge/reuse. PR Water can also carry out water sampling, lab analysis, 24/7 online monitoring and reporting so your site can comply with your Dewatering Management Plan. PR Water can supply electric pumps and diesel pumps as part of a water treatment package.




  • PR Water Australia has a team of water management specialists for contracting and construction services to design, install, commission, operate and maintain our range of water treatment & environmental solutions equipment.

  • PR Water’s project approach includes an efficient but comprehensive consultation and testing process that ensures a proposal is designed specifically for your project’s needs, environmental requirements and budget.

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