pH Correction Unit (PMPU20)

pH Correction Unit (PMPU20)

PR Water’s multi-stage pH Correction Unit (PMPU20) provides a continuous water treatment of high pH levels. It is a singular integrated unit consisting of pH adjustment and clarifier chambers, ideal for the treatment of ground water that has a high pH.

  • The unit meets all environmental regulations and is the ideal solution for projects which involve disposing of high pH wastewater.
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How it works:

  • The pH Correction unit’s treatment process begins initially adjusting the pH levels to maximize the precipitation of solids.
  • The next stage within the unit is the sedimentation of suspended solids which will make their way through the lamella clarifier and settle at the bottom of the hopper for discharge into a sludge storage tank.
  • The final stage consists of further adjusting the pH to ensure the desired pH level is met for a safe discharge of the treated water to occur.

Product Features:

  • Multi-Stage Separation Process
  • Operating Range of 0-30m3/hr
  • Settlement Area of 20m2
  • Dimensions – 3.8m Long x 1.3m Wide x 2.7m High, Dry weight 2500kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Neutralizing high pH levels of wastewater
  • An Accurate all-in-one process
  • Meets Australian Standards and Regulations
  • Protects surrounding environmental areas