HB60 Lamella Clarifier

HB60 Lamella Clarifier

The PR Water Siltbuster HB60 is proven in solids separation by removing suspended solids from contaminated water. The mobile Sediment Tank / Silt Separator is packaged in a modular unit that has a large internal surface area to encourage gravity separation.

Also referred to as a Settling Tank, PR Water’s HB60 has a nominal flow rate of 40m3/hr, which is achieved within a minimal footprint.

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How it works:

  • PR Water’s HB60 unlike conventional Sediment Tanks are designed to maximise the laminar flow throughout the unit. Gravity causes the suspended solids to settle on the lamella plates and collect in the sludge hopper at the base of the unit.
  • The treated water makes its way to the surface and then flows out through the discharge manifold.
  • The HB60 Settling Tanks are pre-assembled by our water management team and multiple units can be connected in parallel for higher flow rates and an increased settlement area.
  • The Silt Separators have no moving parts, require minimal maintenance and have high durability, complying with applicable ISO Standards.

Product Features:

  • Nominal flow rate of 40m3/hr.
  • Maximum hydraulic capacity of 80m3/hr.
  • Dimensions – 3.2m Long x 2.2m Wide x 2.6m High, Dry weight 2400kg.
  • Modular design.

Product Benefits:

  • Cost effective alternative to large settlement ponds, lagoons and dams.
  • Up to 20 times more efficient than conventional sediment tanks and lagoons
  • Small unit footprint with large settlement area.
  • Safely discharge water meeting all applicable Australian Standards and Regulations.
  • Prevents contaminated silt laden water from entering the surrounding environment.