HB60 Lamella Clarifier

HB60 Lamella Clarifier

As a mobile water treatment plant that excels in water treatment and the removal of solid particles from contaminated water, the PR Water Siltbuster HB60 Lamella Clarifier has a large settlement area and treats water via gravity separation.

PR Water’s HB60 clarifier has a nominal flow rate of 40m3/hr while maintaining a minimal unit footprint, this ensures the treatment process is as efficient as possible.

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How it works:

  • The HB60 Lamella Clarifier’s are pre-assembled. Multiple units can be used parallel to each other to increase the surface area for the settlement of solid particles, accelerating the gravity separation process and flow rate.
  • The Lamella Clarifiers have no moving parts, minimal maintenance and have high durability, complying with ISO Standards.
  • PR Water’s Lamella Clarifiers are designed to encourage laminar flow throughout the unit. Gravity assists the flocculated/settleable solids to settle on the lamella plates and collect in the sludge collection hopper at the bottom of the clarifier.
  • The clarified water makes its way to the surface and flows under a floating objects barrier, the treated water then flows through the discharge outlet.

Product Features:

  • Nominal Flow Rate of 40m3/hr
  • Max Flow Rate of 80m3/hr
  • Dimensions – 3.2m Long x 2.2m Wide x 2.6m High, Dry weight 2400kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Small footprint with large unit settlement area
  • Safe discharge of water meeting Australian Standards and Regulations
  • Up to 20 times more efficient than conventional settlement tanks and lagoons
  • Prevent contaminated wastewater harming the surrounding environment