PR Water DFT-Plus Dust Fighter Dust Suppression Unit

Dust Fighter

The PR Water Dust Fighter is environmentally friendly and designed for dust suppression by spreading a fine atomized mist over the dust overrun area. Ideal for mitigating airborne contaminants surrounding container ships, cement, concrete, aggregate, environmental repair, landfills, steel, slag and wood processing applications.

  • The mist density can be controlled to maximize dust suppression, it is important that the mist particles are small enough to capture and suppress dust particles whilst not disrupting the surface upon decent. The mist particles must be similar size to the dust particles to successfully capture and settle the dust.
  • The Dust fighter efficiently targets the dust at its source, controlling and suppressing the dust immediately. Mitigating the risk of respiratory or visual difficulties from airborne particles on site. The unit saves water via dispersing an atomized mist, which provides better coverage of the area with minimal water usage. The water consumption from constant use can be as low as 1.2m3 per hour.
  • The PR Water’s Dust Fighter is a compact dust control system, easily transportable and can be operated automatically; eliminating the need for additional staff.
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How it Works?

  • The PR Water Dust fighter is pre-assembled and ready for use when delivered to site. It will need to have access to a water source.
  • The unit will release the water into a fine mist which can be propelled over a 40-50m distance, capturing and settling all dust particles in the targeted area.

Product Features:

  • Throw distance of 40-50m
  • Covers a working area of 6500m2
  • Water Consumption of 2-3m3@6BAR
  • Dimensions – 1.25m Long x 1.2m Wide x 2.1m High, Dry weight 485kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Mitigates risk of poor visibility
  • Reduced risk of respiratory & health issues
  • Saves water by using an extremely fine atomised mist
  • No need for additional staff
  • Maintain a safe worksite meeting Australian Environmental Standards

Product Applications:

  • Construction site dust control
  • Mining dust control
  • Stockpile dust suppression