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Dewatering Pump

PR Water’s Dewatering Pump is a reliable fully enclosed diesel pump unit that can be used as a groundwater pump and a surface water pump capable of separating water and solids. The pump is specifically designed to have a secure enclosure for quiet operation in noise-sensitive areas. This Dewatering Pump is typically used for high-flow rate applications to remove groundwater, surface water and rainwater from excavations, footings, trenches, civil works, manholes, ponds, etc.

PR Water also provides submersible pumps that are suitable for low and high-flow projects with limited space.

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What’s Included with our Dewatering Pumps

  • The heavy-duty pump is preassembled, and PR Water’s team will aid with installation. To ensure that the dewatering process is made as cost effective as possible and suited to the specifics of your work site.
  • PR Water supplies Lamella Clarifiers to separate and treat the contaminated water.
  • PR Water’s expert team and water treatment systems are ideal for safely dewatering construction sites. We will provide free advice to help solve any dewatering problems for both small-scale dewatering and industrial applications.

Product Benefits:

  • Bunded unit with skid mounted or trailer options available.
  • The pump will pass solids up to 40mm in diameter and 75mm long.
  • Reliable double mechanical seals allow dry running and will prime automatically when liquid is present.
  • Rugged construction requires minimal operator maintenance.
  • Features e­fficient ‘Smartprime’ technology for energy saving and reliability.
  • Pumps compatible with PR Water’s Lamella Clarifiers and Chemical Dosing Systems to treat contaminated water.

Available Dewatering Pumping Options:

  • Chemical dosing pump
  • Groundwater pump
  • Surface water pump
  • Sludge dewatering pump

Dewatering Pumps for Water Treatment Systems

  • PR Water provides water treatment systems that consist of dewatering pumps, lamella clarifiers, chemical dosing systems, and the necessary accessories depending on the job.
  • Our Lamella Clarifiers can separate, treat and safely discharge water free of harmful pollutants back to the environment.
  • The PR Water team are experts at water treatment and the management of dewatering projects. Including construction and industrial applications.