Dewatering Pump PR Water

Dewatering Pump

PR Water’s Dewatering Pump is reliable, efficient and high volume; ideal for removing groundwater and surface water from construction sites and mining sites. The Dewatering procedure is essential for site safety, preventing potential safety hazards which may be caused by the high-water content in the soil which can result in instability or erosion on site. PR Water’s Dewatering Pump will lower the water table prior to any excavation to ensure the construction process has a safe surface to work on.

  • The heavy-duty pump is preassembled, and PR Water’s team will aid with installation. To ensure that the dewatering process is made efficient as possible, PR Water supply Lamella Clarifiers to store, separate and treat the contaminated water.
  • PR Water’s team are experts when it comes to safely dewatering mining & construction sites and are happy to help solve any dewatering problems.
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Product Benefits:

  • Dewatering ensures the site is safe and not at risk of erosion
  • PR Water’s team will ensure the correct precautions are taken
  • Compatibility with PR Water’s Lamella Clarifier and Dosing Systems to treat contaminated water.

Product Applications:

  • Chemical dosing pump
  • Groundwater pump
  • Mine dewatering pump & system
  • Surface water pump
  • Sludge dewatering pump