Wastewater Treatment Solutions

PR Water’s wastewater treatment plants are perfect to assist a range of industries with everything your business and project needs. Our water treatment services include wastewater treatment systems & reuse, dewatering, pH correction, sludge management, water clarification, heavy metals removal, and chemical pretreatment. Scroll further below, to select your water treatment solution.

  • We offer a range of cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment solutions and mobile equipment to assist you in effectively managing your wastewater. Equipment is available for purchase or rental.
  • Our mobile wastewater treatment plants allow you to treat an array of contaminants which will negatively impact the environment if released incorrectly. Improper wastewater management could impact the integrity of surface water, groundwater, and land.
  • Our Lamella Clarifiers coupled with the PR Water Chemical Dosing System are designed to efficiently dissolve and then remove the pollutants to ensure pH is restored to safe levels before the water is recycled, reused or safely discharged.


Water Treatment Products & Services

At PR Water, we have experienced water management specialists across Australia, who are committed to delivering high quality water treatment solutions to your project’s specifications and can supply a system tailored to meet your budgetary needs. You can select from our wide range of water treatment systems equipment that will suit a variety of applications, or you can get in touch with our team to discuss a custom water treatment plant solution.