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Construction Dewatering & Infrastructure Surface Water Management
Our team of Water Specialists offer project management expertise coupled with readily available mobile water & environmental equipment that has a conveniently small footprint. At PR Water we recognise the need for cost effective, fast turnkey solutions that meet the requirements of your water management plan.

Reliable Equipment

Suitable for a wide variety of construction & infrastructure challenges, our PR Water equipment is available in mobile and permanent options. Edge to edge sites are no issue as our Water & Environmental solutions are easily transported, quickly installed and positioned in isolated regions where established water infrastructure is not readily available.PR Water Industrial Water Treatment for construction and infrastructure

    • Construction Dewatering Procedure – to comply with the dewatering management plan set by your City Council, our Environmental Consultants will assist you with the safe removal and discharge of ground water, storm water and help to reduce erosion from ongoing heavy rainfall. Our range of water treatment equipment with chemical dosing can remove metals, silt, phosphorus, concrete and can separate oils/greases safely. Using our online telemetry system, we will monitor levels to ensure reduced turbidity, increase dissolved oxygen and restore pH levels for safe discharge.
    • Infrastructure Surface Water Management – our team will guide you through the effective ways to treat stormwater, surface water, groundwater and discharge it safely with our equipment including Lamella Clarifiers with Chemical Dosing & Pumps.
    • Mobile Truck Wheel Wash – the PR Water mobile and permanent truck wash equipment systems are available for sale or rent to remove dirt and contaminants from heavy to light vehicles. A high volume of vehicles per day can drive through and the water used is recycled via a water re-capture system.
    • Fugitive Dust Management – we offer solutions for airborne pollutants and dust to work within your Dust Management Plan. The PR Water Dust Fighter Systems throw a water spray that efficiently covers a large area, to ensure dust particles are maintained at safe levels. E.g. we can assist you to suppress concrete mortar silica dust with the use of our PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter.

Innovative Water Solutions

    • Climate – we find new ways within your project scope to work with the extreme Australian climate during times of drought, storms, cyclone, bushfire and flooding.
    • Construction & Infrastructure Water Reuse – to save you money the team at PR Water focus on ways to treat, reuse and repurpose wastewater.
    • Concrete Wash Water – helping you comply with EPA regulations, the PR Water Concrete Washwater unit is ideal for the treatment of waste water created by the cleaning of concreting plant and equipment. It works by efficiently capturing solids via specialised filtration bags, before neutralising the highly alkaline washwater to the correct level for re-use or discharge.

Best Practice

    • The team at PR Water Australia are committed to using water wisely and demonstrate industry best practice by adhering to Government regulations.

Construction & Infrastructure management services

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  • Online Monitoring
  • Dosing Optimisation
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