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Water Management
Our team of Water Management Specialists have the capability to provide a variety of solutions for your upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas water treatment requirements. We will advise on the most efficient technique and suitable equipment for the successful removal of contaminants.

Reliable Equipment

We offer mobile and permanent Water & Environmental solutions for a range of oil & gas water treatment challenges. PR Water equipment can be easily transported, quickly installed and positioned in isolated regions where established water infrastructure is not readily available. We hold stock that is always ready for dispatch for rental or sale. Oil-Gas-Industry_PR-Water_Image

    • Modular Units – ask about our potable water solutions including our range of Reverse Osmosis, Flocculation Tanks, Dissolved Air Flotation Units and Containerised Dosing Systems to treat sea water and wastewater for reuse or safe discharge.
    • Hydrocarbon Removal – the PR Water range of tilted plate oil-water separators are designed to remove oil particles and will also cope with a high suspended solids/grit. During the process, free phase hydrocarbons rise to the surface of the unit where they are then collected by an adjustable weir skimmer. For more difficult to separate oils of near neutral buoyancy our Dissolved Air Flotation units, which employ the latest white-water generation systems are also available.
    • Produced Water – our water treatment systems offer a small footprint, are cost-effective and offer ways to efficiently manage the water waste stream for recycling/reuse or safe discharge. Speak to our team of Water Management Specialists for more information.

Best Practice

    • The team at PR Water Australia are committed to using water wisely and demonstrate industry best practice by adhering to Government regulations.

Oil & Gas water management services

Project Success

  • Project Management
  • Treatment System Design
  • On Site Training & Process Support
  • On Site Operation

  • Onsite Maintenance
  • Sampling and Monitoring
  • Online Monitoring
  • Dosing Optimisation


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