Oil Water Separator

Oil Water Separator

PR Water’s Oil Water Separator is designed to separate free phase hydrocarbons from contaminated wastewater containing waste oil. The water treatment process consists of separating oils and suspended solids from oily wastewater.

  • The Oil Water Separator (OWS) uses a coalescing media separator which allows the oil to come together forming one mass on the surface of the water. Other suspended solids will also settle at the bottom of the unit ready for discharge.
  • The PR Water’s Oily water separator’s treatment and gravity separation method allow for the water to be discharged so the water will not contaminate the environment. Meeting and exceeding environmental regulations.
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Product Features:

  • Separation Method – Coalescing Media
  • Operating range of 0-50m3/hr
  • Dimensions – 3.7m Long x 1.2m Wide x 1.8m High, Dry weight 1960kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Safe treatment of oily wastewater.
  • Meet Australian Environmental Standards & Regulations
  • All in one treatment solution