Why  PR Water Australia are Your Complete Solution:

  • We will guide you through your project’s water & environmental needs using our unique approach for: water treatment, silt management, assessing all waterborne pollution, prevention & control of all pollution sources. We specialise in dewatering and environmentally sensitive applications.
  • Supply specialist solutions to comply with the dewatering management plan (DMP).
  • Provide continuous process support and system management for the life of the project.
  • Equipment available for rental or sale, with fast delivery Australia wide.
  • Online telemetry system, for remote access capabilities, real-time monitoring, data collection and process control.
  • Highly experienced team of Water Management Specialists who will guide and assist you from the start to finish of your project.
  • PR Water is Australian Owned and Operated.

The PR Water Project Approach


Contact Us and Lab Tests

  • Speak to our team and we’ll arrange a time to discuss your project & site requirements.
  • We can book an onsite assessment as required, to conduct tests and obtain further information.
  • Provide indicative samples from site to confirm the capabilities of our system, to meet your water treatment requirements.

Send us your water sample in 3 easy steps>

  1. Brief description - of the water treatment objective, for example: pH correction, metals removal.
  2. Take a sample - of your water using an empty bottle (5 litres or larger) and fill it up making sure that there’s no air left in the bottle, then seal it tightly.
  3. Send to us – via courier or contact PR Water and we can arrange collection.


Proposal and Installation

  • We’ll provide you with a quote and water analysis report detailing our recommendations.
  • Our range of turn-key equipment is available for rental and sale including power generation options.


Commissioning and Support

  • Whether temporary or permanent our specialists will ensure your chosen equipment solution is properly commissioned including training and support.
  • After install, our premium service continues to provide technical support, after-hours maintenance, scheduled servicing, further training and emergency breakdown response.