Roadside Concrete Wash Water Unit

Concrete Washout Recycling Unit

PR Water’s mobile Concrete Washout Recycling Unit (CWR), specializes in treating the high pH wastewater from washing down concrete truck mixer chutes. Ideal for managing concrete washout / wash water on construction sites and is a sustainable method for recycling wastewater for dust suppression and future washdowns. A singular unit can clean up to 500 truck chutes per day. To increase efficiency multiple units can be used in parallel together as an integrated system.

  • The mobile Concrete Washout Recycling Unit uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce the pH levels of the concrete wash water to a neutral pH level of 7.5pH (safe for discharge). The unit can house two industrial standard gas cylinders which store Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which is essential for the pH adjustment process and a safer alternative to mineral acids.
  • Available for rental and sale Australia wide the Concrete Washout Recycling units meet relevant environmental protection needs when treating, repurposing and discharging water safely from site. Our specialist team will be able to identify the best solution when discharging wastewater from site.
  • The unit has data capturing capabilities which can measure and record pH levels utilising an integrated logging device to keep track of treatment history for environmental protection. Perfect for construction, infrastructure, roadworks and municipal requirements.
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How it works:

  • The Concrete Washout Recycling Unit (CWR) operates by capturing the wash water from truck chutes into the unit’s reception hoppers. The concrete geotextile dewatering bags in the hoppers then capture solids and allow for the high pH water to filter into the pH adjustment chamber where the carbon dioxide (CO2) is dosed into the wash water.
  • Once the pH is adjusted the treated water can be discharged safely via a control valve.

Product Features:

  • Separation Method – Geotextile Bag
  • pH Correction Method – CO2 Vapor
  • Operating range up to 500 trucks per day
  • Dimensions – 2.9m Long x 2.1m Wide x 2.6m High, Dry weight 1200kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Meets Australian Standards & Regulations
  • Automatic pH neutralization of concrete wash water
  • An all in one system
  • Compact and easy to operate