A new residential subdivision in Victoria was created including the construction of 800 houses and a man-made wetland. This required the excavation of all drains, sewers, underground power, lighting, footpaths and roads; which resulted in thousands of cubic metres of topsoil and soil rock.


Supply a truck washing system to meet environmental protection authority requirements for all vehicles entering and leaving the site to ensure the following:

  1. Control of mud and spoil on local residential roads.
  2. Stop seed migration into surrounding fields & grazing land.
  3. Protection of contamination of noxious weeds into flora & forests of weed & flowering non-native grass lands.
  4. Prevention of airborne dry dust from trucks into residential, areas & maintain clean safe roads.
  5. Contingency strategy for wet weather events / prevention of mud & clays along critical roads & freeways.
  6. Clean roads & edges help keep sensitive wetlands, creeks, rivers free from heavy silts impacting fauna & and natural habitat in our sensitive wetlands, maintaining healthy oxygen & micro-organisms.


PR Water were commissioned to supply and establish a PR200 Truck Wheel Wash onsite.

Then, to ensure EPA compliance, all site traffic was diverted through the PR200 Truck Wheel Wash before leaving site including: light commercials, rigid tip trucks & all truck semi-trailers. 300+ trucks and 100 light commercial units drove through the truck wash system each day on this remote site.

Capabilities of the PR200 Truck Wheel Wash system during this project include:

  • Fully established & operational within 1 hour after delivery by crane truck.
  • Capturing all debris, mud & seed for compliant disposal.
  • Water re-use for water conservation.
  • Some flock used to improve water re-use and conserve water from local reserves.
  • PR Water provided a silenced 30KVA generator for isolated sites.
  • Full support from skilled technicians and back up for EPA compliant waste management expertise.
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