An Underground Infrastructure project in Pallara QLD needed to install several kilometres of piping.

Ground water found during the excavation needed to be treated to meet the Dewatering Management Plan.


Treat the water with high solids and control pH to meet discharge criteria in order to discharge water safely into the local water course.

The system needed to be mobile in order to move the unit along with the project progress every few weeks.

The system also needed to be stand alone as the location was remote.


PR Water supplied a Water Treatment system including a HB60 Silt Separator and an automatic Dosing Skid System to treat the underground water for safe discharge.

The automatic Skid Dosing System was supplied for pH correction, proportional dosing to manage turbidity in a remote location.

The Dosing Skid System included online monitoring to provide high levels of operational reporting and recording live information for pH, turbidity, flow and chemical levels.

  • Turbidity reduced from >500 NTU to <20NTU.
  • pH controlled between 6.5 and 8.5 pH.

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