PR Water Chemical Dosing Skid System

Skid – Chemical Dosing System

The skid-based PR Water Chemical Dosing System with online telemetry is a multi-stage chemical pretreatment system which specializes in neutralising and cleaning wastewater. The skid-base is mobile and compact, ideal for projects with limited space. After the contaminated water has been treated the chemical dosing system produces a high-quality discharge that meets Australian regulatory requirements and can be safely released into the environment.

  • The Dosing System comes pre-assembled and equipped with a user-friendly PR Water control panel which provides remote access and online monitoring. The PR Water control panel is used to establish a proportional dosing of chemicals during the water treatment process. The Chemical Dosing System often aids lamella clarifiers in the treatment of contaminated water allowing for a larger range of wastewater to be treated.
  • The skid-based Chemical Dosing Unit is regularly supplied as a part of PR Water’s complete dewatering and water treatment packages where the treated suspended solids are recovered in a PR Water Lamella Clarifier.
  • PR Water’s water treatment package: Chemical Dosing System, Lamella Clarifier, Pump & Generator.
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How it works:

  • The skid-based dosing system can measure, control and regulate pH levels as well as use a large range of chemicals to cater for the required treatment depending on the type of wastewater.
  • PR Water’s expert team will offer ongoing support including, the sampling, analysing and treatment of specified wastewater.

Product Features:

  • Provides flow proportional chemical dosing
  • 0-100m3 per hour treatment capacity
  • 4” Mag Flow Meter
  • Smart Digital Flow Proportional pH controller
  • Online telemetry system allows for remote access and online monitoring
  • Lockable doors
  • Eye wash station
  • Spill control kit
  • Internal lighting
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on weatherproof bag.
  • Dimensions – 1.5m Long x 1.1m Wide x 2m High, Dry weight 400kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Adhere to all regulations and authority requirements
  • Pre-plumbed, factory pre-commissioned, save on install costs
  • Automated, hassle-free dosing solutions
  • Accurate measured data
  • Remote observation and operation
  • Safe disposal of treated water
  • Avoid disposal/waste fees
  • Maintain a safe site