PR Water were requested by an industrial business in Western Australia to increase the size of their existing treatment plant for recycled water.

  • The business makes make fibrous cement boards for the housing market; the boards are cut into various sizes using 3 electric cutting saws. As the saw is cutting it requires water to cool it and the water is recycled and then reused to cut more boards.


The industrial business had an existing PR Water HB20 Lamella Clarifier onsite that was not coping with the current treatment flow rate and as a result was not removing enough of the suspended solids. This meant additional clean water was constantly being added to the system.

  • The future plans were to install an additional cutting saw, making 4 in total and the industrial business required additional treatment capacity to reduce the time required for maintaining the pumps feeding the saws and cleaning out the Lamella Clarifier’s.


PR Water worked with the industrial business to identify the current issues in order to develop a personalised solution. An additional HB60R Lamella Clarifier was supplied to work alongside the existing HB20 and the team of PR Water specialists also installed an automated de-sludging system on both units.

  • The automated de-sludge system removes sludge more frequently from the HB60R and HB20 Lamella Clarifiers to reduce the time required for cleaning the system. Conveniently, the HB60R and HB20 work in parallel to increase the treatment capacity of the system by increasing the settlement area used to capture the suspended solids.
  • PR Water also enhanced the existing polymer dosing system by providing a pipe flocculator, which gives additional time for the polymer to mix with the wastewater before it enters the Lamella Clarifier’s. By installing this upgraded system, the industrial business was able to reduce the amount of maintenance required on the saw feed pumps and increase production in the factory.

As a result, all 4 cutting saws now receive enough water for cooling and the system requires less clean water, reducing the water consumption for the whole site.

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