A metal recycling and demolition business in Tasmania had experienced recent business growth which increased the number of trucks, vehicles and additional sub-contractors entering and leaving the site.

  • On the busiest days, 60+ trucks with trailers would impact the site, local roads and unsealed roads. This resulted in mud & spoil migration from the unsealed roads, and reduced overall environmental management of the area.
  • Having a truck wheel wash system in place that could meet Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requirements for all vehicles entering then leaving the business was the next step.


Supply a heavy-duty truck washing system to meet environmental protection authority requirements for all vehicles entering and leaving the site in preparation for site audits from council & manufacturing stakeholders.

  • Improve the depot from an environmental management perspective to assist our client to become more environmentally responsible for mud and spoil migration from their depot. Cosmetically, improve the appearance of the depot with cleaner trucks, surrounding areas and create a sustainable solution for the future.


PR Water were commissioned to supply and establish a fully automatic permanent Truck Wheel Wash onsite.

Then, to ensure EPA compliance, all site traffic was diverted through the PR220 Truck Wheel Wash before entering and leaving the site.

Final results:

  • Reduced mud and spoil migration.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Improved depot standard.
  • Accelerated truck movements with rush hour transfers.
  • Visually improved truck appearances.
  • Made available to surrounding depots for use.

Feedback from our client advised that they had become the best improved depot in the council industrial estate and also demonstrated environmental standards to potential clientele for new transport contacts.

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