Permanent Truck Wheel Wash

PR Water’s permanent Truck Wheel Wash is fully automated and effectively removes any potentially hazardous contaminants that build up on tires, wheels, axles and on the under-body of heavy vehicles. PR Water’s team will aid in installation and setup of the unit to ensure that the high-volume water system is optimized for the projects requirements and application.

  • PR Water’s state of the art wheel washing system is ideal for high volume and heavy-duty operations where multiple vehicles are entering/exiting the site each day (e.g. construction sites, mine sites, landfill and waste management operations). If vehicles are not effectively attended to prior to their departure from site, they will potentially be at risk of contaminating the roads and transferring hazardous pollutants into the general public.
  • PR Water’s compact Permanent Truck Wheel Wash System is designed to operate as effectively as possible to efficiently wash a high volume of heavy vehicles throughout the day.
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How it works:

  • PR Water’s Permanent Truck Wheel Wash is installed into the ground for stability and ease of access. The unit is fitted with automatic entry sensors and a water re-capturing system to reduce water wastage.
  • As a vehicle approaches it will trigger the sensors and in-turn starting the high-volume water jetting within the unit. As the vehicle slowly drives through the unit, dirt, grime and contaminants will be blasted from the wheels and under-body of the vehicle.
  • Once sedimentation is complete, the solids are removed via an automatic scraper system resulting in clean water that is recycled and reused.

Product Features:

  • Max Vehicle Width of 4m
  • Can wash up to 350 vehicles per day
  • Water Tank Volume of 8,000 Litres
  • Water Spraying Pressure of 2.0~2.5kg/cm2
  • Max Axle weight of 30 Tonne per Axle.
  • Dimensions – 1.93m Long x 6.79m Wide x 2.14m High, Gross weight 3530kg.

Product Benefits:

  • Reduce chance of spreading hazardous materials
  • Keeps surrounding area pollutant free
  • Adheres to Australian standards
  • Recapture and recycle used water