A recent hydro demolition project in Queensland required a suitable water equipment solution to be supplied in a 24 hour time frame.

In an effort to reduce the high pH levels and solids in the water inflow, PR Water was approached to treat 20m3 per hour of hydro demolition waste water, remove the solids and reduce the high pH levels before safely discharging the water to the water course and within the very tight discharge limits.

PR Water supplied 1 x HB60 Lamella Clarifier and 1 X HB50 Lamella which incorporated a Co2 dosing unit and a two stage flow proportional dosing system for rental for the duration of the project.  In addition, PR Water also supplied a 10 kVA sound attenuated diesel generator to power the water treatment system and a PR-Hybrid-LED mobile lighting tower was supplied to provide a safe working area and produced zero noise.