PR Water continues to go from strength to strength and are excited to introduce our new water treatment equipment solutions thanks to our partnership with UK company, Siltbuster Limited.

As the Authorised Australian and New Zealand Siltbuster Distributor, PR Water have exclusive access to some of the industry’s leading onsite water treatment and silt pollution equipment for either hire or purchase.

With an increased demand for water solution products in the Australian marketplace, we have listed the leading Siltbuster water solutions and how they can help your construction site not only maintain proper environmental standards, but also streamline its processes and increase onsite efficiency.

1. Settlement units

So, what is silt and how does it affect my application? Silt is a broad term applied to fine particles of soil carried by water giving it that muddy or dirty discoloration. The most common source of silt pollution is the result of rainwater runoff from topsoil stripped areas of construction sites.

When washed off into nearby watercourses, silt pollution is highly visible and easily traceable back to the site. It can travel a long way and cause significant environmental harm, which is where settlement units – also known as settlement tanks or silt traps – come in.

High performance settlement units are able to effectively remove the suspended solids from construction waste water using lamella clarifiers. Providing a large settlement area within a small footprint, they are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Pumping & dewatering
  • Desilting & dredging
  • Site water management
  • Plant, vehicles and wheel washing

Our Recommendation: The HB60 Lamella Clarifier
The HB60 Lamella Clarifier is a transportable settlement trap with an effective separation area of 40sqm providing effective separation of suspended particulates from water when operating at flow rates of up to 60 m3/hr.

The solids (sludge) are collected by the unit settle within the single hopper and are easily removed by the opening of a gate valve, eliminating the need for the unit to be taken off line for emptying, making it beneficial for applications where near continuous operation is required.

2. Concrete wash water & Hydro-demolition units

Another important question we’re constantly asked is why construction sites need to treat concrete wash water? The answer is simple: High pH (alkaline) water can look clean after the solids have been removed, however this “silent polluter” is corrosive and can cause extreme damage to vegetation and ecosystems.

In fact, water that comes into contact with freshly exposed or poured concrete becomes roughly pH 13, making it as strong and corrosive as oven cleaner. Some sources of alkaline water on construction sites include:

  • Washing down of machinery used with fresh concrete – i.e. chutes, drums, pumps
  • Cutting or coring of concrete structures
  • Hydrodemolition (high pressure water cutting)
  • Surface water runoff from concreted areas
  • Crushed demolition materials

That’s why Siltbuster developed a range of systems specifically to deal with high pH concrete wash water as a result of work carried out on construction sites, which PR Water have now brought to the Australian market.

Our Recommendation: The Roadside Concrete Washout (RCW) & The Hydro-demolition (HD) Unit
The Roadside Concrete Washout is used for the treatment of wastewater from cleaning of concreting plant and equipment and can aid in reducing the environmental impact and costs associated with the disposal of pH and cement-laden wash water. The unit efficiently captures solids by means of specialised filtration bags, before neutralising the highly alkaline wash water to an acceptable level for reuse or discharge.

Designed specifically to address the concerns of the Environment Agency (EA) regarding the potential harm associated with the release of highly alkaline waters into the environment during concreting and grouting, the RCW can handle up to 30 washouts spread over a working day.

The Hydro-demolition unit is also an effective means of treating pH, sediment-laden blast water and is specific to hydro-demolition projects. Compact, lightweight and low maintenance, it can be used at ground level or installed and operated from a suitable road ready trailer.

The unit ticks all the hydro-demolition contractors requirements and is ideal for use on road works projects which require the removal of all equipment at the end of a working shift or hydro-demolition projects in areas with restricted access, such as multi-storey car parks.

For further information regarding water treatment and environmental equipment solutions, contact PR Water on 1300 399 499 or at our website. Our passionate and experienced Water Solutions team love helping our clients find the perfect product to keep their projects and their local environment happy and healthy.