HB20 Oil Water Separator

PR Water specialises in oil water treatment services which are tailored to each project’s specific requirements. PR Water has the expertise and oil water separation equipment available for hire.

The HB20 Oil Water Separator (OWS) is designed to separate free phase hydrocarbons. Light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) are separated by a height adjustable oil skimmer as they float to the surface and captured in a storage area. Dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) are separated through settlement with the silts and other sediments. The DNAPL’s and other settleable solids are captured within the storage hopper at the base of the unit.

Oil Water separators are key to efficiently separating free-phase hydrocarbons which will significantly reduce environmental impact and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Product Features:

  • A single unit can remove free phase hydrocarbons and settleable solids.
  • Integral storage for separated product.
  • The separation method uses inclined lamella plates.
  • Occupies a small footprint.
  • Readily transportable, easy deployment and easy to operate.
  • Appropriate for wash bays, oil and gas remediation, industrial facilities, construction sites, mining operations and transportation facilities.