PR Water was commissioned by a commercial construction company to assist with safe & cost effective industrial wastewater treatment sludge dewatering and discharge in order to comply with the Dewatering Management Plan.


Offer PR Water’s Complete Solution Project Approach to treat low pH and high turbidity groundwater and include sludge management options to reduce project costs of sludge disposal and ensure safe water discharge into the storm drain, ensuring compliance with the Dewatering Management Plan.


PR Water supplied x2 Lamella Clarifiers coupled to a skid-based PR Water Chemical Dosing System and a Belt Filter Press system that was able to treat up to 3m3/hr of sludge by incorporating an integrated thickening process, that turns liquid waste into a solid/dry cake; making it cost effective and easier to dispose of safely into skip bins.

PR Water provided operational assistance and monitoring services throughout the project to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Our client was able to achieve budget targets for the Dewatering Project, by reducing the costs of vacuum trucks considerably due to our Complete Solution Project Approach.

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