A residential & commercial development site in QLD required a dewatering and water treatment solution for a basement excavation.  During excavation, the resulting groundwater was not safe for discharge due to heavy metals content, high turbidity and low pH.


Our client, required a mobile water treatment solution to raise pH, precipitate the heavy metals and treat high turbidity in the water in order meet safe discharge criteria.


PR Water provided an automatic Water Treatment System including x 2 Siltbuster HB60 Lamella Clarifiers, coupled to a PR Water Automatic Chemical Dosing System with online/remote monitoring including a heavy metals oxidation stage and water clarification stage to remove solids and meet strict release criteria of <20 NTU of turbidity and pH correction.

  • The system is able to automatically dose chemicals and report water quality in the outlet with a telemetric system as well as monitor chemical level with low level alarms.
  • The groundwater was discharged safely into the watercourse and our happy client was able to continue developing their construction site.

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