In response to an urgent need of our customer, PR Water swiftly mobilised and commissioned an automated water treatment plant within a single day. In doing so, we met our customer’s immediate requirements and streamlined their operational earthwork duties for the project.


The main objective of the project was to efficiently dewater a dam to facilitate necessary earthwork operations. The dam held approximately 4.5 million litres of rainwater.


The integrated water treatment solution provided by PR Water included a suite of equipment tailored to the specific needs of the project, including a custom-configured chemical dosing skid, HB60 lamella clarifier, vacuum pump, and generator. Each component was selected and configured to ensure optimal performance in controlling pH levels and removing suspended solids from the water, resulting in a significant reduction in turbidity levels. PR Water also provided a consistent supply of required chemicals and fuel to sustain the systems continuous operation while concurrently ensuring adherence to the established water quality standards within the Dewatering Management Plan (DMP).

PR Water’s integration of equipment and services successfully achieved the objective, facilitating the safe and efficient removal of excess water from the dam site. PR Water maintained strict environmental compliance standards while regularly monitoring the dewatering process. Ensuring the quality of water is safe to release into nearby creeks as well as protecting the aquatic life within the dam.

Now the project can withstand recurrent storm events which previously would have led to the dam refilling. Through effective problem-solving and communication, PR Water efficiently responded to our customers’ needs, ensuring the successful conclusion of the dewatering procedure, allowing our customer to conclude their earthworks while protecting the surrounding environment.

PR Water’s commitment to environmental responsibility, resulted in a successful water treatment project. Addressing urgent requirements and achieved successful outcomes for our customer and the environment alike.

Additional Project Details

Initial Assessment of Water: Low pH, High Turbidity, High Suspended Solids, Low Dissolved Oxygen

  • Application: Dam Dewatering
  • Feed Water Quality: 114 NTU
  • Treated Water Quality: 3.4 NTU
  • Total Water Treated: 4,426,580 Litres
  • Process: pH Correction, Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation


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