Truck Wheel Wash

PR220 Truck Wheel Wash


PR Water delivers high quality Water and Environmental equipment to use in projects and operations through out Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to promoting environmentally responsible equipment and processes. We are pleased to introduce our new and improved Truck Wheel Wash and our Siltbuster HB60 Lamella Clarifier.

We have something new coming your way. Our new Truck Wheel Wash is an all in one, automatic dirt removal system that is more compact and environmentally sustainable. It is our latest addition in our product range.

Truck Wheel Wash – All In One System

Without spilling too much, what else can you expect?

The Truck Wheel Wash can save you on operation and maintenance costs as it does not need dedicated manpower and has grown fame from its ease of operation. It has the capability of washing a large variety of truck models & makes, the dirt removed is safely stored in a container ready for safe disposal. The Truck Wheel Wash also possesses a dual photosensor and it’s self-cleaning system includes a compressed air function.

HB60 Lamella Clarifier

HB60 Silt Separator

HB60 & HB20 Lamella Clarifiers operating on site together

The Siltbuster HB60 Lamella Clarifier can be configured as a single or multiple units for basic gravity separation and discharge-to-sewer applications.

The environmentally conscious HB60 adheres to the strict Environment Agency’s discharge standards and ensures that contaminated water does not enter the local watercourses. It also allows resulting sludge to be moved to storage lagoons where it can be treated before being removed.

What other benefits can you expect from the HB60 Lamella Clarifier unit?

  • Ensures maximum particle settlement with minimal unit footprint
  • There are no moving parts built into the machine
  • Removes settleable particles continuously
  • No daily or weekly cleaning is needed
  • Reduction in chemical requirements



Meet our Water & Environmental Equipment Specialists

If you have any questions about our Lamella Clarifiers, Siltbuster Units or new Truck Wheel Wash, they have an in-depth knowledge of water clarification processes and will be there to answer all your questions. Call or contact us today!